St.Louis Blues sign Max Brodeur to start in goal against the Rangers

A little Friday humor......I hope

Can't say Blues GM John Davidson isn't a visionary when it comes to doing what it takes to give his team an edge for winning games.

After seeing the Blues next opponent, the New York Rangers, shut out twice this week, first by Devils goalkeeper Martin Brodeur, then again by Mike Brodeur of the Ottawa Senators, "JD" has announced the signing of Max Brodeur from Casper, Wyoming, and that Brodeur will start in goal against the Rangers Saturday night in St.Louis.

Brodeur was as stunned as anyone else at the press conference:

"It's not often a 67 year old guy like me gets a chance to play professional sports, but like I told my wife when the Blues called, sometimes even I get bored watching Matlock all day.", the retired shop teacher remarked.

Brodeur has never played hockey at any level, except for a "few knock down drag out games of "SuperChexx" bubble hockey at Slippery's Tavern down on Highway 26. I always lost the coin toss and got stuck being the Commies, and everyone knows the Russian right wing sticks on that thing."

Max isn't worried about his lack of hockey experience, saying "They showed me some films on one of them new Dee Vee Dee players of those New York boys, but I ain't worried, those Ranger fellas don't seem to hit the net much anyway."

Max was the winner of an all-Brodeur tryout at the Scottrade Center, edging out Mildred Brodeur, a librarian from Bayonne, NJ, and Matt Brodeur, a violinist from Braintree, MA, who had equipment problems when he couldn't breathe with a goalie mask on because of a severe case of claustrophobia.

"Damn shame, Matt had a great glove hand, but I just think it would have been a little distracting to the other players on the ice if Matt was screaming "I can't breathe! The walls are closing in!" like a 10 year old girl the whole game." said Davidson.

When asked to comment on the Brodeur signing, John Tortorella said, "Well maybe we should just sign 10 guys named Gaborik." When someone pointed out that Marian Gaborik hasn't scored in 4 games, Torts said "Well, I just need to shuffle the lines a little."

Tortorella would not confirm that the Rangers have worked out Merric Brodeur, a car wash attendant from Yonkers to be their goaltender in practice.