Stanley Cup Final Game Thread: Rangers vs Kings, Game 2

The Rangers look to even up the series before heading back to the Garden for games 3 and 4.

Jewels From the Crown | Battle of Cali


The Rangers don't "need" to win tonight, but a win tonight would go a long, long way in bringing the Rangers their first Stanley Cup since 1994. If the Rangers can split the series tonight and head back to the Garden with home ice advantage this series could look a lot different than it does right now with the Rangers trailing 1-0 after being badly outplayed by the Kings. However, if the Rangers lose tonight there will be many among us who are already preparing to wear black and talking about buying out Richards and how bad Rick Nash is and all of that charming crap.

I'm not sure who is going to skate away with the win tonight but I do know that if the Rangers don't win tonight they damn well better pick up the two games at the Garden to give themselves a chance. Tonight is by no means a "must win" but winning tonight is pretty damn important. A big part of winning tonight is going to come down to turnovers, speed, discipline, and matchups. I never want to see Girardi on the ice with Marian Gaborik again. Ever.

Mike's Player to Watch: Martin St. Louis and Batman

The Rangers are going to be looking to their leaders and their stars to rebound from the overtime loss in Game 1 and right now there is no bigger emotional leader on the team than Marty St. Louis. Marty has shown real flashes of brilliance and magic in the 2014 Playoffs, including an overtime goal that helped the Rangers get past the Habs, but he needs to find his way back onto the score sheet soon. The same can obviously be said of many of the Rangers other big name forwards but my money is on Marty having a big night tonight against the Kings. Here's hoping that I'm right. Batman better show up tonight.

Let's go Rangers.