Sunday Banterings

Well Jim isn't here so I will be taking over the "Bantering rights" to this week. So here we go:

Hockey related Bantering:

  • I think that as more time goes on and the more Heatley talks to the media the more Murray probably wishes he accepted the Rangersoffer of Zherdev and Rozsival for Heatley. People said him not trading Heatley by the time his bonus would do would bite Murray in the rear and it really has.
  • Anyone else think the Islanders are signing so many goalies so that they can see who to hire as their next GM?
  • I checked around the internet for a "toughest places to play in the NHL" list and found two on bleacherreport. Neither of them had MSG in the rankings. What a joke. I will go more in debth on this in a story later in the week, but to have MSG off the list is wrong. We are one of the few fan bases that stick with our team no matter how they are doing, and we are incredibly loud.
  • Man Kane is really playing the innocence role now isn't he. I'm not buying it, are you?
  • We are doing a fantasy hockey league for the Banter and I got to thinking about the first overall pick. If you had to choose who would you take? Me? Ovechkin.
  • Out of all the Ranger prospects not playing in the AHL I am most looking foward to Grachev and Stepan. You?

Now onto some non-hockey things:

  • I feel that I should explain this now before the NFL season starts. I live in New York but my cousins from Philadelphia got me into football. So by nature I am an Eagles fan, but my father is a huge Giants fan. As a result I am an Eagnts fan lol. I rooted for the Giants when they won the super bowl, and I rooted for the Eagles after they beat the Giants last year. As for who I rooted for during the game? The Eagles. I know it's like being a Ranger and an Islander fan but what can I say I am who I am.
  • While on the NFL does anyone find it wrong that Burress will spend 2 years in jail for shooting himself in the leg while Stallworth gets 30 days for killing someone while driving drunk?
  • Also on the NFL I know what Vick did was a horrible and atrocious act but other players have done worse, much worse, and are loved and not even questioned.
  • Man the Giants look terrible in their second pre-season game.
  • If you haven't been watching it then you better start watchin LOST. One of the best shows ever ... period.
  • A little info for you all about me. You know the show "Ice Road Truckers" I helped cast for that show at my internship with Pangolin Pictures. I wonder how they are doing now? /