Super Sunday Open Thread

Light hockey schedule today, with the Super Bowl being played tonight.

Penguins at Capitals at 12 PM on NBC

Penguins finally made it into D.C. at 2 AM this morning, due to the blizzard. Should be interesting to see what kind of legs the Pens have on about 5 hours sleep.

For the latest on the Pens, stop by Pensburgh and see our friends Frank and Hooks.

For more on the Caps, check out Japers Rink

Bruins at Canadiens at 3 PM. A good old fashioned Original Six Matchup. NBC should be showing this game as well, make it a nice doubleheader before the Super Bowl, but that would be a good way of promoting the NHL, and that simply is not tolerated.

For coverage on the Bruins, you can check out Stanley Cup of Chowder, and for more on Les Habitants, you can visit Habs Eyes on the Prize.

Now, for the big game tonight, should be a great one. As a Giants fan, I have to keep it in the family and root for Peyton. Plus, I just don't want to see Shockey win.

My predicition: Colts 34 Saints 24. MVP: Peyton Manning. The Colts will get off to a slow start in this one, the Saints do have a better defense than they are given credit for, but Indy will turn it up in the second half.

For all your Super Bowl coverage, the Colts fans will be congregating at Stampede Blue, and the Who Dat Nation will be at Canal Street Chronicles. Both of those sites managers were credentialed for the game, which is huge for our network. I wish them the best, if I was credentialed for a Giants Super Bowl, it would be very hard for me to put away my fan hat.

Ok, so, all that being said, feel free to use this open thread for a great sports day. Chat about the hockey games, the football game, or anything else you guys want, just keep it clean.

Feel free to post your game and MVP predictions in the thread as well.

Also, that is an awesome picture of Hank I put up from last night's game.

Who will win Super Bowl 44?

Indianapolis Colts58
New Orleans Saints45