T-Shirts! Get Your Blueshirt Banter T-Shirts Here!

Show your Banter pride to the world in the form of a t-shirt!

  • Do you suffer from a recurring nightmare where, for whatever reason, you don't have a shirt in a world full of beautiful, vibrant shirts?
  • Do you dread not having something to make a makeshift tourniquet or MacGuvyer bandage from after being mauled by a disgruntled mother bear during a nature walk or hike through bear country?
  • Do you live in fear of not having a comfortable, durable shirt to make an improvised sack out of in the very likely event that you find yourself in a field of treasure and a demon tells you that you can take whatever you like so long as you can carry it with you without it touching your skin?
  • Is it one of your great worries that you will be stranded on a desert island and will be without the requisite materials to make a water filter or have enough cloth to make a sail and spirit yourself to salvation using the trade winds of the Pacific Ocean?
  • Or maybe you regret not being able to just point to your shirt when a comely young lady or chap asks you what your favorite website is?/

Well my dear friends live in fear, worry, and regret no longer.

Blueshirt Banter is officially selling t-shirts! They've got sleeves, pretty colors, are made of cotton and polyester (or CoPo as we call ‘em in the shirt business), and are reasonably priced. Unfortunately for all of you I designed all of the shirts... fortunately for me you can all blame Joe for giving me that kind of power and creative input (when will he ever learn?).

We are really hoping that you guys like these because I have a lot more designs waiting in the wings that I'd love to share with you all. Show your Blueshirt Banter pride to the world or wear it when you are painting your house or butchering a pig or something.

Things to know about the shirts:

  1. They've got two sleeves (fancy name for arm-holes) and a convenient hole to stick your head through so that you can see and interact with your surroundings.
  2. The sleeves and hem are double-needled because single-needling is for clowns and mooks.
    They are pre-shrunk so after you wash them the chances of you Hulking your own shirt and shredding it to tatters isn't very likely.
  3. Did I mention that they are reasonably priced? Oh yes I did. But they totally are. So there you go.

To access the Blueshirt Banter Store and checkout the shirts please click HERE! You can also get to the store from the Banter's front page under the "Store" tab (between "Odds" and "About").

Really, really hope you guys enjoy them. Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Tell your dog!

Let's go Rangers. Let's go Playoffs. We believe.