Thank You For An Amazing 2016!

This post comes every year so just grit your teeth and accept the sap.

First of all, from us to you, Happy New Year! I hope you and your family have a wonderful, happy and healthy 2017.

As for this little webspace, I wanted to take a moment from myself and the staff to thank all of you for an amazing 2016. Blueshirt Banter grew in every single traffic metric by double-digit percentages year to year. We blew 2015 out of the water, and 2015 blew 2014 out of the water, and so on and so forth.

That’s not possible without any of you guys. Beating numbers from the Stanley Cup run was awesome. Beating numbers from the Stanley Cup run AND the ECF run when the Rangers missed 90% of the playoffs is a big accomplishment for us. You guys are spreading the word, more people are coming to the site and we’re growing without leaning on the team’s success to do it.

I’m hopeful we’re going to win the commenting war for the fourth year in a row, but that doesn’t mean you should stop racking up them comments in 2017! Also, as soon as I get the yearly figures from SB Nation, we’ll host another round of the Banties (here’s last year).

Also, thank you for the continued support of the podcast, Bantering The Blueshirts. We’re seeing some good growth in that area as well. We have a Patreon you can donate to if you’re so inclined as well.

Anyway, thank you again for everything. Running this site is a lot of work. Adding the podcast added even more work but the success and support from you guys makes it worth doing.

Thanks again!