The Gradual Improvement Of Marc Staal

Since Marc Staal has made his return to the line-up, he has been improving very well. Of course it will take some time for Staal to get back into game shape after missing just about half of this season. In his first game back, which happened to be the biggest and most anticipated game of the year, Staal handled himself fairly well.

However, you can easily tell that Staal is not fully ready yet, as he has missed some plays and his speed is not fully there. Of course this is not like the normal Marc Staal we know, but it is gradually getting there. In last night's game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, Staal began to get the physical part of his game back.

He started hitting, and getting involved in front of his goalie after the whistle. Along with being physical he also had multiple chances in the offensive zone as well. It is great to see Marc Staal getting back into his normal game shape, and it makes the Rangers defense that much stronger.