The Morning After a Stunning Rangers Comeback

If for some reason you missed last nights game, I'm sincerely sorry for you. But for those of you who did, well we mine as well continue the good feelings. Last nights 5-3 comeback win was obviously important. With the win, the Rangers kept their fate in their own hands. Just ask Brandon Dubinsky:

"It gives you goosebumps. It’s a feeling that you can’t describe, when you hear that many people going crazy, and your team’s going crazy, because you fought so hard for so many months, and we needed these two points. That part of it makes it that much more emotional. We didn’t want to have to watch and see what Carolina did tomorrow night or is gonna do. We want to keep ourselves in the driver’s seat."

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They don't have to worry about what the Carolina Hurricanes do in their next game. They can continue to have tunnel vision and concentrate only on their own games. They've earned that luxury through what has been a difficult season that would have seen lesser teams fail. But not these Rangers who with their blue collar attitude don't quit until the job is done. They had a ready made excuse this season with the plethora of key injuries that plagued them throughout the year. But not once did these Rangers ever feel sorry for themselves. They dug deep and fought through it. Like John Tortorella said, this team has balls:

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As great as this victory was though, the Rangers need to put it behind them. They have two more to go against two dangerous teams with nothing to lose in the Atlanta Thrashers and the New Jersey Devils. As a fan you just get the feeling that if this team can get into the playoffs, they are capable of doing something special.

Here are the Rangers five goals from last night:

Brandon Dubinsky's reaction says all that needs to be said about this season.