The New York Rangers And The "Victory Hat"

So this is a little nugget I apparently missed from Tuesday night's big win. Apparently, the New York Rangers have a victory hat.

Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, your assumptions that it is the greatest thing ever are also correct.

Puck Daddy has the whole story and a photo here, and apparently the hat was an invention of Brad Richards. Here is what Richards had to say on the hat, as per Larry Brooks:

Because on a night the Rangers were in desperate need of a victory after going the first three games and what seems like a million miles without one, it was the goaltender's exceptional performance while under siege that propelled his team to a 4-0 triumph over the Canucks last night and earned him the hat that will be awarded to the player-of-the-game after each win.

"The hat sort of found its way back with us from Europe; just we're going to use it as a little reminder of how we came together over there," said Brad Richards, who came up with the concept and awarded the hat to the netminder. "It's another way for us to bond."

I love that Richards was the inventor of this idea. Not only does it show his leadership qualities, but it also shows just how tight this group of guys has become.

I don't know about you, but I will be looking forward to seeing which player takes this bad boy home after wins.