The New York Rangers are having a lot of fun watching paint dry

Quite frankly, who wouldn’t?

It’s September. And you know what September means? Hockey.

Not the NHL - not quite yet - but as summer comes to a close, we’re getting there. There’s the World Cup of Hockey soon; there are prospect tournaments and training camps and the start of pre-season games all this month, too.

You know what you can’t play hockey without? Ice.

And it can’t be blank ice, either. You need to make it a proper hockey rink.

That’s exactly what the New York Rangers are doing right now - they’re watching paint dry, and they’re having a blast.

This looks fantastic. That’s Henrik Lundqvist’s home for the next several months, coming back together; just wait until it’s marked up with skate blades and ice scrapings and looks truly lived in.

Hockey is almost back. And that logo that’s going to come in the center - it’s going to go pretty nicely with that red line, don't you think?

UPDATE: Center ice!