The New York Rangers Power Play Still Needs Improvement

The New York Rangers have been in a major slump on the power play as of lately, and it's starting to become a really big concern. During the beginning of the season, the Rangers had a very weak power play, but they eventually kicked it into gear sometime down the road.

But as of lately, things just are not clicking like they should be. However, in last night's game against the Winnipeg Jets, I definitely saw some improvements, despite them not scoring a goal on four chances. It seems as if there is finally some sort of movement going on when they gain the zone.

The Rangers were able to gain the zone as well, without having to resort to dumping the puck in and chasing it all the time. The Rangers had quite the opportunities last night, but they still did not shoot as often as they should. A perfect example was when Brad Richards set-up Michael Del Zotto perfectly on the face-off circle.

Del Zotto proceeded to attempt a pass back across to Ryan Callahan who was tied up in the crease. This was a perfect time for Del Zotto to fire the puck on net, which could have potentially beat Pavalec, or lead to a big rebound.The Rangers just need to get the puck to the open man, and fire it away. Sounds easier said then done, but at the end of the day, the Rangers are over thinking way too much on the power play.