The Return of Chytil Two: Electric Boogaloo

We've been anticipating this for a while now, and I understand it feels like a tease at this point, but now it's real we promise! Filip Chytil has been taking line reps with Laviolette's active roster. After suiting up for game 3 against the Carolina Hurricanes, Chytil has been out for unannounced and vague reasons. Since then he's participated in practice but was never part of the active lineup.

While the only ones who know if and when he will be playing in the Conference Final series are Laviolette and Drury, even Chytil himself maintains he is eager to play. It's becoming more apparent than ever that the young center is ready to return to action. With Wheeler coming back sooner than anyone expected, the Rangers have some decisions to sort out as they gear up for the sure-to-be eventful series against last year's Eastern Conference champion, the Florida Panthers. The roster and lineup at practices are our best indicator of what we will see in game one. Let's go Rangers!