The 'Stache

We all know what we witnessed Sunday afternoon. And we all know what made that puck go in with 1:39 left in the third period. No, it wasn't the deflection off of Karl Alzner or Alex Ovechkin tipping it in. It was the 'stache. Dubi's facial hair is making headlines, it is inspiring men of all ages to grow soup strainers, and it is starting a revolution. Even our superstar goaltender has been hypnotized by the messy strip of awesome that has sprouted on Dubinsky's face:

Henrik Lundqvist said he would grow a fully bushy beard "because I can" and called Dubinsky’s mustache "So bad, it’s good," saying it was one of the "uglier" mustaches he’d ever seen. -(Andrew Gross, Ranger Rants)

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I for one am growing out a tribute 'stache because of what the little caterpillar on Brandon Dubinsky's face did for him. Is it merely coincidence that he was all but invisible for the first two games of the postseason when the 'stache was in its infancy, but when it starts to reveal itself and take shape he scores such a huge goal? I think not. Though I have a rather pitiful mustache at the moment (think Dubinsky's Game 2 upper-lip stubble) I have noticed that I crush doorknobs whenever I grip them and that my vertical leap has increased by several inches.

We all know that Dubi's porn 'stache is... so bad that it is beautiful. But I got to thinking, how would our Alaskan forward look with some other famous mustache types?