Thoughts About The Insane New York Rangers Game 5 Victory

What. A. Game. Before I get to anything, I just want to say a few quick things. No matter how far this team goes in this series and the rest of the playoffs, this team has given me memories I will never forget. I truly believe there is some kind of "destiny" with this team, but hockey is a crazy sport, as evidenced by last night's game.

I felt like I was inside the Garden, though I was running around my dorm room trying not to make too much noise during "quiet hours" at my college. The feeling of just pure jubilation and joy washed over me as Brad Richards roofed the puck past Brayden Holtby and the Capitals defenseman, and the same feeling popped up when Marc Staal's shot ended the game.

There's more work to be done, don't get me wrong, but what a heck of a season so far. The goal has to be to be the only team to end the season with a win.

-Marc Staal was absolutely amazing last night outside of one minor slip up. Staal stopped a 3 on 1 on his own TWICE in one play, and scored the game winning goal.

-Speaking of defensemen, how about Dan Girardi as well? Girardi bowled over Mike Green and stopped an important 2 on 1.

-MORE defensemen! Anton Stralman scored the first goal, what a postseason offensively for him. Michael Del Zotto struggled, but set up the game tying goal.

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-I don't care what anyone has to say about

John Mitchell

anymore, why he's on the powerplay, why he's on the team, anything, Mitchell proved everyone wrong by being the puck possessing, faceoff winning freak that he has been all season. Fantastic game for him.

-Henrik Lundqvist can stop hearing about OT now, right? Right?

-I have often said I don't believe in anyone "willing" goals or wins, but one thing I do believe in right now is a team never giving up. The Rangers could have simply surrendered with seven seconds left and gone down 3-2, but they fought for the puck and eventually it found its way home.

-What a win, what a game, but the work is not done. The contributions need to be greater all around, and the Rangers need to go into Washington looking at it as if they are down 3-2, not up 3-2.