Thursday's Playoff Hockey Open Thread

Tonight we have two big playoff games to enjoy. I know we are all still pumped about the huge 3OT win last night, what better way to enjoy the huge win by watching some games that we have less emotional investment in? If the Kings manage to win tonight they'll put the Blues in a three-game deep hole that will be all but impossible to get out of, look for the Blues to play a tough, physical road game tonight. How will Philly respond to falling 4-1 to a Kovalchuk-less New Jersey team on home ice? Should be interesting to see the energy the Flyers play with on the road.

There can NEVER be enough playoff hockey.

Tonight's Games:

Philadelphia Flyers (5) at the New Jersey Devils (6), 7:30 PM. Series is all knotted up at 1-1.

St. Louis Blues (2) at the Los Angeles Kings (8), 10:00 PM. Kings leading the series 2-0.

To enjoy the game with the diehard fans of their teams check out:

Flyers: Broad Street Hockey

Devils: In Lou We Trust

Blues: St. Louis Game Time

Kings: Jewels from the Crown

Which game are you more excited for?

Flyers at Devils19
Blues at Kings6