Rangers News: Tim Kennedy to Sign One Year Deal with Rangers

Andrew Gross has confirmed on Twitter that Tim Kennedy, the 24 year old Forward from Buffalo, NY who also played for Buffalo last season is to sign a one-year deal with the Rangers. I also want to note that our own Nick Montemagno broke this story to us here at the Banter through an Eyewitness News report. You can see his full write-up on his website here.

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Tim Kennedy

#13 / Buffalo Sabres



Apr 30, 1986

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For a full rundown of Kennedy (including career stats), here's a great link. I remember watching Kennedy a couple of times when the Rangers were blacked out on MSG, and what I saw was a speedy, slick, but small Winger/Center who can move the puck well. A quick look at his basic and advanced stats last year tell me that he played 3rd/4th line minutes but did relatively well for his first full-time NHL season. The Corsi numbers look solid and he had a positive GVT as well. His 26 point season (10 Goals) gave him a 0.33 PPG, just below where his average NHL PPG season should be (0.39 or 32 PPS). This shows us that there is some potential and the fact that he is young is another plus. Depending on the terms of this deal (which can't be outrageous), this is a good, young depth signing with future potential as well.

That's all for now, but I might update this more later in the afternoon.