Tired of Rick Nash Stories? Good, here's another one

Author's note: This story is either completely true, or 100% fabrication. Either way, don't use it as another debate over Rick Nash, you guys have all made your case for or against. Enjoy.

The trade rumors swirling around Rick Nash and his possible destinations aren't going to cool down after this morning's latest developments.

According to numerous Twitter reports, and this guy Mike who knows a guy who once drove through Columbus wearing a blue jacket, Nash was spotted at Sammy's New York Style Deli in Columbus this morning, ordering not only a bagel, but a New York Style "egg cream", which is neither egg nor cream, but we'll get to that another time.

Now while this may not seem to be a lot to go on, Nash was also spotted looking at a map of Manhattan on the wall, and may or may not have actually pointed at something on the map, we're just not sure. It could have been a smudge, Rick is known to be a bit of a neat freak.

There were also rumors that Nash smiled ever so slightly while looking at the map, but it's been suggested that may just be because Sammy's has pretty good bagels.

However, we are also getting word that an Itunes user by the name of "ColumbusIsHell" just downloaded Billy Joel's "New York State of Mind" to his Ipod, but privacy laws prohibit Apple from providing the person's real name.

Keep it here for all the latest, like if Nash goes to lunch and has pizza or sushi.