Trade Specs: Dany Heatley and Jason Smith for Nikolai Zherdev, Michael Rozsival and 1st Round Pick

Pure Speculation

In light of the news that Dany Heatley wants the Senators to trade him, I couldn't help but put together my own proposal for the sniper that the Rangers so desperately need. Heatley wanting a trade could not have come at a better time for the Rangers because in this economy, Heatley probably will not give the top dollar return he would have otherwise due to the $35 million he has remaining on his contract. Because of this the Senators are probably going to have to take back salary in return in order to move Heatley.

Now I am definitely getting ahead of myself, but my proposal would be Heatley and Jason Smith for Michal Rozsival, NikolaiZherdev, and the Rangers 1st round pick in this years draft. There is no need to go through Heatley's accolades and what he could mean for the Rangers. He is the pure scorer they desperately need and (keep those fingers crossed) would be a nice fit on Gomez's wing. Jason Smith has one year and $2.25 million left on his contract and would serve as a salary dump for the Sens. Michael Rozsival would be a nice addition to their blueline and although he has 3 years and $15 million left on his contract, he would be the Rangers shift in salary in the trade.

Nikolai Zherdev would be the center piece. He has a ton of talent and in the right situation he could become as prolific of a goal scorer as Heatley is. Zherdev is RFA and would need to be signed for anything above or equal too $3.75 million since he's owed a 10% increase in salary. Part of Zherdev's problem in New York was most likely Tom Renney's extremely defensive system that surely had an effect on his offensive output (it effected every players numbers this past season). Zherdev is only 25 years old and could flourish playing with Jason Spezza and even more so with a veteran like Daniel Alfredsson who might break Nikky's habit of taking games off.

Salary wise, the Senators would shed a $1 million while the Rangers would gain $1 million (if Zherdev makes $3.75 million next season). At this point the Rangers would absolutely have to waive Wade Redden because that extra mil. would put an even greater strain on their cap. With Heately, the Rangers have added the offense they need and have found a winger to play alongside Gomez. They've lost Rozsival and have now opened another roster spot for one of their young defenseman.

The Sens would also get the Rangers 1st round pick in the upcoming draft and could also take a prospect such as Michael Sauer, Dale Weise, Dane Byers, or Corey Potter. This proposal is obviously a pipe dream and is getting way ahead of itself considering news of Heatley wanting a move is still fresh. But I just don't have anything better to tod