Tuesday Morning Open Thread: Which Prospect Are You Excited For This Season?

Now that we've decided the most anticipated games of next season, which prospect are you excited to hopefully see next season?

With the summer continuing to drag on rather slowly, we're going to take a page out of Saturday's book and expand on it a little bit. We went ahead and got your take on what games you are looking for to next season, but now it's time to spin off of that idea a little bit.

Which prospect(s) are you looking forward to seeing next season, if any?

With Ryan Callahan and Carl Hagelin likely missing the beginning of the season, there will be at least two roster spots up for grabs.

Will it be the newly acquired Danny Kristo, who came over from the Montreal Canadiens for Christian Thomas? What about J.T. Miller getting another go after going down with his wrist injury last season, that kept him out for a majority of the playoffs? Or Chris Kreider getting a full shot at showing his true potential in his first 82 game season with the Rangers? Oscar Lindberg?

The exciting part about the Rangers current position is that they have a ton of youth stockpiled within the system, and any of them could break out at any given time.

For me, I'm chomping at the bit to see what Danny Kristo could bring to the table. He has a ton of hype surrounding his name, and has the chance of showing it off under the bright lights of Broadway.

How about you?