WATCH: Derek Stepan on Between Two Zambonis

Stepan joined Ryan Kesler for a Team USA edition of his show.

When Ryan Kesler isn’t playing for the national American hockey team, he’s playing for the Anaheim Ducks. When he isn’t playing for the Ducks, he’s hosting his show, Between Two Zambonis - a hockey parody of Zach Galifianakis’ Between Two Ferns.

It’s pretty great. For his latest episode, Kesler did a special with some of his Team USA teammates. Dustin Byfuglien, Jack Johnson, and Cory Schneider all stopped by, as did his most important guest of them all: Derek Stepan.

Stepan first pops up about 30 seconds in. Kesler gives him a couple of digs, mostly about Stepan’s lack of hair, which Stepan immediately flips back on him in smooth, awesome fashion.

Stepan comes back in at about 1:55, when Kesler is quizzing his teammates on some pretty basic facts about America. He’s asked when the Declaration of Independence was signed, which ends up giving him a bit of trouble.

He ultimately guesses 1899, which is... not right. (His punishment is pretty hilarious, though; both he and Kesler were cracking up pretty good.)

All in all? Stepan is a fantastic interview and guest, for sure.