WATCH: How Mackenzie Skapski overcame a bus accident to make the NHL

"If we don't go in right now, he's going to stop breathing."

Remember when injuries pushed Mackenzie Skapski to make his NHL debut just last season? His debut - only allowing one goal over two games - was pretty special on its own.

But simply making the NHL is one thing. Making it after overcoming serious injuries as a result of a bus crash his team was in when he was just 15 is something else entirely. After all, it's not like that's easy to come back from.

There isn't just a physical recovery, which is tough enough on its own: there's a mental and emotional recovery, too.

There's a chance that could have been it for Skapski. This feature from Rogers Hometown Hockey takes us into one of the darkest moments of his, and his family's, lives.

So yeah - making the NHL after all of that just got even more special.

It's a great story, and one that Skapski - still just 21 years old - will hopefully be able to continue to build on.