We interrupt this Sunday Open Thread to talk about Brooksie's article in the NY Post

You have probably already seen Larry Brooks article in the Post today, where he talks about Glen Sather having a "Blueshirt Blueprint" for the future. I love how it only took 8 or 9 years of "living in the now" to realize there has to be a plan for the future.


A few highlights from the story:

Sather on if the Rangers could have been where the Flyers are:

"We just weren’t quite good enough over the course of the season. But if we had won that final game, would we have been tough enough to compete in the playoffs the way the Flyers have? Could we be where they are now?

"I think so."

I may be reading too much into it, but I can't help but think this is a case of the Rangers overvaluing their talent again. I think this team had a second round run in them at best, although at this point file it under "who cares."

Glen on how to get better:

"We have to get better," Sather acknowledged. "And the way we’re going to get better is by staying within our organization and giving our prospects the time to grow and the opportunity to play in New York.

Glen on Donald Brashear:

"I told Donald this week that he would not be playing for the Rangers," Sather told Slap Shots. "After the statements he made, absolutely not; that was the end of it."

Glen also talked about resigning Marc Staal and Dan Girardi ("Those two guys are part of our core; of course we’re signing them,"), Jody Shelley, and more.

So the Blueprint is in place, you know the old saying "Rome wasn't built in a day?", well maybe we can change it to "The Rangers weren't built in ten years"

I'll bump the open thread back up a little later on.