Well That Was Quick: Peter Forsberg Retires

Just two games into his comeback with the Avalanche, Peter Forsberg has retired.

From Denver News 1130:

In a teary farewell Monday, the usually even-tempered Forsberg paused several times to fight back emotions as he pulled the plug on his latest comeback attempt after playing just two games with the Colorado Avalanche.

The former NHL MVP has been plagued by a chronic foot ailment since 2003, robbing him of chunks of his career.

But Forsberg wanted one last go-round, just to see if he could still play on the NHL level. He began skating with the Avs on Jan. 22 simply to test out the foot.

Too bad most of us knew this would happen except for Forsberg.

Quotes from Forsberg:

"I'm really happy that I got the chance with the Avalanche to come back here and try for the last time and put an end to it," said Forsberg, who will have his No. 21 sweater retired by the team at some point next season. "Knowing for fact, 100 per cent sure, that I'm not going to play anymore.

"When I look back, I'm going to be feeling pretty good about my career."