What Are Your Expectations For The 2018-19 NY Rangers?

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OK, I’ll make this short and sweet. The NY Rangers are turning a new page. They’ve gotten rid of fan favorites, hired a new coach whose focus will be on developing the younger players, made quite a few (debatable) picks at the draft, and remained largely inactive at the peak of the FA period.

The make-the-playoffs-at-any-cost days seem to be a thing of the past. This won’t be the same team we’ve known and loved for lo these many years. Joe thinks it will be fun to watch. I don’t know about that, but it will be different, that’s for sure.

So what are your realistic expectations for next season? Do you think we’ll suck enough to get a lottery pick next year? Will Hank keep us in enough games (again) and help us finish in the middle of the pack? Will the youngsters perform above expectations and lead us to a playoff spot? What will Gorton do at the trade deadline?

How do you expect the Rangers to perform next season?

Keep it civil you bastards!