What The New York Rangers Need From Brandon Dubinsky

Last season, Brandon Dubinsky had the best season of his NHL career. Now, after scoring only six goals during the regular season, Dubinsky is the subject of trade talks, possibly for Rick Nash or Jeff Carter of the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Let's assume Dubinsky isn't traded for this post. Here's what the Rangers need from Brandon Dubinsky. Join me for more after the jump...

In this goal, Brandon Dubinsky goes coast to coast and beats multiple defensemen on his way to a much needed goal vs. the New York Islanders. This is a signature goal for Dubinsky, muscle his way to the net and wrist it past the goalie. It's the type of play Dubinsky has been hesitant to make, but needs to learn to make again.

This goal is from last season, and Dubinsky isn't even the player that scores. I was at this game, and marveled at Dubinsky's tenacity and power heading towards the net, something he has not shown this season. He does not score himself, but he sets Mats Zuccarello up for his first career goal, and the game winner.

The Rangers need Dubinsky to not just score, but to try to get to the net and cause problems for the defensemen of the opposing teams. Dubinsky's hesitance throughout the season to play physical and really drive towards the net has hurt the team, and has caused the team to consider trading him, in addition to his new contract.

I want to see the Dubinsky I saw in those two videos. If not, I want to see Dubinsky on another team.