Who Do You Want The Rangers To Draft This Year?

I have mentioned this in a few fanshots but since we're coming closer to the deadline I want you all to have an adequate amount of time to make your picks.

If you're lost allow me to fill you in. Every year the SB Nation NHL Hub does a full mock draft in which every single hockey blog contributes their own pick to a "real" mock draft.
While I won't ruin who has gone where (otherwise you won't read the story on the main hub) I will tell you that our pick is rapidly approaching.

Use the comments here to voice your opinion on who you want to see us pick and why. Once the day of the mock draft rolls around you can expect a full story on who the player is, why we took him and how we expect him to fit in with the team. Try to keep the choices realistic (obviously we won't be getting guys like Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or Jonathan Huberdeau), and if you do think a guy might fall into our laps explain why. Also, there will be no trades, so our pick will be at 15.

Try to have some fun with it guys. SB Nation is a fantastic platform to write for because it allows us to interact with you guys on a level unseen anywhere else.

This is one of those opportunities, so enjoy it guys and let us know who you want to see picked!