Why the Rangers don't need Saku Koivu

There has been some talk circulating that the Rangers should pursue Saku Koivu to be Marian Gaborik's pivot. Just as it's prudent to 'just say no to Redden(or drugs)' please for love of Wayne leave Koivu out of it. The Rangers do not need to pursue a number one center, just as last year they didn't need to pursue an aged Markus Naslund or even worse, well you know.

Larry Brooks got it right (for once) and one of my favorite Rangers beat writers Steve Zipay got it wrong. He doesn't seem to think Dubisnky is capable of centering Gabs and thinks it's a good idea to look at Koivu. C'mon Zip, I know you're better than that. Just for starters, Dubinsky was by far the Rangers most effective pivot for Jaromir Jagr as a rookie. Even with vets like Drury and Gomez on the roster, Dubinsky flourished with Jagr and complimented him beautifully. Fast forward one year and once again Dubinsky was the Rangers best option in the middle for their most talented winger, Nikolai Zherdev.

Dubinsky is a true power forward in the making. He spent much of last season lost in a horrible slump that lasted as long as it did mostly because he lost confidence and was trying too hard. Dubinsky once again stepped his game up though towards the end of the season and in the playoffs, rockin' the same kind of swagger that he displayed when he centered Jagr. There is no reason to go out and bring Saku Koivu or any other center to play alongside Gabs. It's a waste of cap space and is giving the finger to the Rangers new organizational philosophy of youth=success. Not only that, it's a piss poor waste of cap space (even more so than Brashear's contract). because Gabs doesn't need a play making center to put the pucks in the net. Dubinsky is the Rangers best option to play with Gabs as he can play the role of not only body guard, but he can clear the way and create space for him. Dubinsky is big and just fast enough to keep up with the Slovak Rocket and if any liberties are taken with him, Dubi would be more than willing to jump in and drop 'em. Although he should probably consult with Donald Brashear or possibly Kimbo Slice (same difference, both useless street fighters) over the summer b/c he hasn't quite gotten the fighting thing down yet. It is definitely a must that Gabs has somebody big playing with him, you don't want him breaking the first game of the season.

Sign a depth defenseman or two, trade Rozsival, somehow convince Jimmy Dolan to eat Redden's contract (not going to happen),and let the kids play.