2009 NHL Draft: Interview with Chris Kreider

Here is the official NHL press release on Chris Kreidel, I have most of this on audio, but here is the transcription:

Q. Did you have an accelerated time line?
CHRIS KREIDER: I did. I accelerated. I repeated when I went to Phillips Andover and I sat down with the coaches, discussed what I was doing.

Q. Just this week?
CHRIS KREIDER: About about three for our weeks ago, yeah. Signed my letter and all that. Happened very fast.

Q. Talk about what you think about going there.
CHRIS KREIDER: To be honest, I don't know. I think it really all depends on how I develop. I'm just thrilled to be drafted by the Rangers and focusing.

Q. Inaudible.
CHRIS KREIDER: I grew up with college in my backyard, like a lot of Canadians grew up with major/junior in their backyard, so it seemed like the right choice for me. I thought it would be the next stop.

Q. Did it matter to you you would go a year early to college?
CHRIS KREIDER: I had already done four years of high school because I repeated when I went to Phillips, so I felt mature physically and emotionally.

Q. Inaudible.
CHRIS KREIDER: When we were looking into options for next year, we looked into it and it all fell into place.

Q. Have you talked about the lack of production offensively for bringing you in?
CHRIS KREIDER: He wanted what was best for me and they were not going to bring me in if -- they would not do that if it was going to hurt me, so I took that as a positive.

Q. Were you a Bruins fan growing up?

Q. Will it be hard to wear that jersey?
CHRIS KREIDER: No, not at all, no.

Q. Ray Bourque, one of your idols growing up; your mom, did she have a big influence on your early days?
CHRIS KREIDER: My entire family are big Bruins fans and sports fans. She definitely had an influence growing up, we were always watching Bruins games growing up, still do. I guess we will be watching the Rangers games now.