2009 NHL Draft: New York Rangers select Ryan Bourque in the 3rd round (yes that Bourque)

The Rangers selected Ryan Bourque from the US National Development Team, and that's just the way he wanted it.

"I knew the Rangers wanted me, and I predicted they would draft me. I wanted to go there, I like the Rangers, its Original Six, and I like their uniforms" Bourque said as he tried on one of his own.

Proud Dad Ray Bourque was on hand to support his son, and also said he thought the Rangers would take Borque. "I was hopeful the Rangers would select him, I just told him to be patient, it doesn't matter where you are picked, you still have to prove yourself everyday. I've preached to him his whole life to play hard."

Here is the full audio with Ryan, and you'll hear me ask him why he wanted to be selected by the Rangers. I've also attached a pic I took of the Bourque family.

Ryan Bourque Press Conference