2009 NHL Draft: Parting thoughts on the Rangers picks from Adam Graves

I was able to catch up with Adam Graves heading out of the draft, I asked him what the feelings were on the draft picks. He said the Rangers were very happy with the players they got, especially the first three round picks.

"It's all about heart, it's all about intensity, and its all about hard work, our top 3 picks definitely exemplify that, we couldn't be happier. "

Who would know more about heart, intensity, and hard work than Adam Graves?

He also said the Rangers were thrilled Kreider was still there in the first round, that was someone they were zeroed in on. He also said that they never expected Werek to be available in the 2nd round, and were ecstatic to get him.

If I could put my fan hat back on for a second, Graves is my all-time favorite, I really appreciated him taking the time to talk to me.

The draft is over, the floor is emptying, I'm going to enjoy the rest of my day in Montreal, and go knock back an Export or two. I'll have plenty more thoughts tomorrow.