2011-2012 NHL Season Predictions

The NHL Season starts today, and I'm sure plenty of you have ideas about who will make the playoffs, who will win awards, and who will win it all. Well, we want to hear your predictions! Post your answers to the following questions in the comments, and at the end of the season I will come back to this post and I see who got the most correct.

Follow me after the jump for the categories

1. 1st place in East?2. 2nd?

3. 3rd?

4. 4th?

5. 5th?

6. 6th?

7. 7th?

8. 8th?

9. 9th?

10. 10th?

11. 11th?

12. 12th?

13. 13th?

14. 14th?

15. 15th?

16. 1st in west?

17. 2nd?

18. 3rd?

19. 4th?

20. 5th?

21. 6th?

22. 7th?

23. 8th?

24. First team in eastern conference finals?

25. Second team?

26. First team in west conference finals?

27. Second team?

28. Stanley Cup loser?

29. Stanley Cup winner?

30. Conn Smythe winner?

31. Art Ross winner?

32. Hart Memorial winner?

33. Vezina winner?

34. Calder winner?

35. Points for Rangers?

36. Points for Gaborik?

37. Points for Richards?

38. NHL games played for Del Zotto?

39. NHL games played for Erixon?

40. NHL games played for Avery?

41. Norris Winner?

Any other predictions? I will be posting some of my own predictions tomorrow.