2012 Trade Rumors: Bobby Ryan Being Made Available Once Again

After being yanked from the trade market back in December, Bobby Ryan is being made available once again by the Anaheim Ducks. According to Bob McKenzie, the 6-foot-2 winger is on the trade market once again, and will most likely receive interest from several teams around the league.

Many teams have been scrambling for the last week and a half as the spotlight has been mainly on Columbus Captain, Rick Nash. The Rangers were among the many teams interested in acquiring the services of Ryan back in December, before he was pulled off the market. Now that Ryan is "available" the spotlight has taken a slight shift.

There's no doubt that Ryan's availability took a stab into the price tag for Rick Nash, and many teams may shift focus with Howson's demands still being out of this world. Ryan comes much cheaper, both salary wise, and trading wise. He is also three years younger than Rick Nash, and possesses similar tools to put up the points.

Thoughts on all of this?