2012 Free Agency: Brandon Prust Likely Hitting The Market On July 1st

There were rumors spreading over the last couple of days that Brandon Prust may test the free agent market come July 1st. Those rumors were made a reality today as the New York Rangers are not expected to bring back gritty forward, Brandon Prust. It's believed that Prust is asking around the $2.2 million range in terms of money, and Glen Sather won't have any of that.

Sure Prust is a valuable part of this organization. Sure Prust is a fan favorite in New York, but $2.2 million is a little too much. The enforcer role was never known for its money making, but clearly Prust thinks different. He expressed his frustrations earlier today on Twitter.


I wish management wanted me back as much as the fans.. Thanks for the love everyone

When you overprice yourself by that much, management isn't the problem. Sather confirmed to the New York Post, that they will be "fairly aggressive" come July 1st, so buckle up everyone. We're in for a ride.