2012 Free Agency: Zach Parise Says "No Way" To Signing With Rangers

After months of speculation that Zach Parise would possibly be in Ranger blue next season, might have come to a complete halt. Earlier today in a meeting with the media, Parise shot down all rumors of possibly signing with the Rangers during this offseason. According to Andrew Gross of The Record, Parise doesn't want to consider signing with the Rangers.

"Asked three different times, Devils captain Zach Parise said he can't see himself playing for Rangers, doesn't want to consider it."

"After saying he wouldn't consider Rangers, Zach Parise sheepishly says "Don't make a headline out of it."

In all honesty though, it was kind of expected to happen, especially after the big run the Devils put together this season. Not to mention, the Rangers weren't expected to offer up the farm for him come July 1st either, as they have bigger holes to fill then add Parise.

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The biggest question mark still remains in all of this mess, will the Devils actually have the money to retain Parise? Parise is likely seeking a long-term deal, which could be in the range of seven million dollars per season. The Rangers are more then capable of offering up a contract that is front loaded, just like the Brad Richards contract, in an attempt to sway Parise. But Parise has made it clear that the Rangers aren't his first choice as a landing spot this summer.

With all of that said, strange things can happen when large amounts of money start being tossed around. The only thing we can do is wait and see. As of right now though, don't expect to see Parise in blue next season.