2012 NHL Free Agency: New York Rangers Among Five Teams Allowed To Negotiate With Justin Schultz

As we get closer to July 1st things are getting better and better by the hour. According to TSN's Bob McKenzie, the New York Rangers are among the five teams allowed to make a pitch for free agent Justin Schultz. Among the others on the list (Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs, and Ottawa Senators), the Rangers are the only American team allowed to negotiate. That Wisconsin Badger connection must be pretty strong.

Like I stated in my article the other day, money has no factor in negotiations, as the value remains the same for all five teams involved. The decision will be based solely on where Schultz feels he can gain the most playing time, as well as having a chance to win in the near future.

For the Rangers, this is good news. John Tortorella loves giving his college kids a shot at making the roster, plus the Rangers aren't that far off from contending for a Stanley Cup. The only other team the Rangers could compete with would be the Vancouver Canucks. Like the Rangers, the Canucks can offer Schultz a roster spot, plus a chance at winning. Not to mention, Schultz is a BC native, which could go a long way in his decision.

But we can't predict anything just yet. Schultz appears to be moving rather quickly with his decisions, so we could see a decision within the next couple of days.