2012 NHL Lockout: NHL Cancels All Games Through November 30th, Winter Classic Is Next

According to several reports, the National Hockey League is set to wipe out all games through November 30th later this afternoon.

According to several reports around the internet, the National Hockey League is planning to erase all games through November 30th, later this afternoon. It seems to a recurring theme throughout this entire process, and neither side wants to budge in order to come to an agreement. The NHL also pulled their latest offer off of the table yesterday afternoon, as the artificial deadline passed in order to squeeze in an 82-game schedule.

This block of cancellations is the biggest one since the lockout was first imposed on September 15th, 2012. According to Andy Strickland, several owners advised Gary Bettman that they would like a three-to-four week window, in order to fill up their empty buildings, and generate some sort of revenue that was lost due to the lockout.

As for the Rangers, they have another 13 games chopped off of their schedule this month which include the following: Nov. 4th vs Flyers, Nov. 6th vs Senators, Nov. 8th vs Wild, Nov. 10th @ Canadiens, Nov. 13th at Islanders, Nov. 14th vs Capitals, Nov. 16th at Capitals, Nov. 18th vs Jets, Nov. 21st at Panthers, Nov. 23rd at Bruins, Nov. 24th vs Flyers Nov. 26th vs Canucks, and Nov. 29th at Predators.

The next item up on the chopping block will the Winter Classic, which is suppose to take place at the Big House in Michigan. Due to upcoming money commitments in the range of $3+ million, the NHL is mulling over a decision whether to axe their big money maker.