2012 NHL Offseason: Blueshirt Banter Edition

Hey guys.

So I hate writing posts like this, but we have no choice. After the New York Rangers 3-2 overtime loss to the New Jersey Devils in Game 6, the 2012 NHL Offseason official begins for the Rangers, and Blueshirt Banter. And while the Rangers' season might be over, we're just getting started here at Blueshirt Banter.

Over the next couple of weeks you're going to be able to find 2012 NHL Draft previews, 2012 NHL Free Agency Previews, player grades and a segment where we look into the Rangers' UFA and RFA's and discuss whether or not the Rangers should keep or dump them.

It's going to be a fun offseason, I promise. And, as always, you can find the best news and analysis about all things New York Rangers until next season begins.

So buckle in, and get ready, because we have a lot of things to look at, a ton of speculation to kick around and some fantastic draft analysis coming your way.

Hope you're all ready.