2012 NHL Playoffs: Brandon Prust Faces Hearing For Elbow To Anton Volchenkov

Following Saturday afternoon's game against the New Jersey Devils, it is confirmed that Brandon Prust will face a hearing for his elbow to the head of Anton Volchenkov. About five minutes into the second period, Volchenkov had dumped the puck out of the zone, as Brandon Prust came in to deliver a hit. However, Prust would raise up his elbow, which connected with the back of Volchenkov's head.

Volchenkov did remain down for some time, but didn't appear to be seriously injured, and he finished out the game. There's no denying that the play was definitely reckless on the part of Brandon Prust, but it's borderline suspension worthy.

There is no scheduled time for the hearing, butit has been confirmed by Nick Kypreos via Twitter. We will have more information on this as we head into tomorrow afternoon. In case you haven't seen the hit, or what to see it again, the view will be available after the jump.