2012 NHL Playoffs: Devils Release Statement: Brodeur Wasn't Urging Teammates to Head-Hunt with Shots

"They are willing to pay the price to win," Brodeur said.

He also added with a laugh:

"Hopefully we'll be able to hurt a few guys (by) getting one-timers in the foot or their head or something."

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Obviously this statement raised a few eyebrows and had some of the New York media buzzing about whether or not Martin Brodeur was serious. Brodeur has a policy of not talking to the media before a game so he couldn't be reached for comment but the Devils GM Lou Lamoriello's statement and some more on Shot-blockgate can be found after the jump...

"He would never say that," Devils president and GM Lou Lamoriello said. "I've known Marty since, I don't even know how long now, and he would never say that.

"Obviously it was an off-the-cuff comment that was taken the wrong way. He was just saying that we need to get more pucks on net."

We've already heard from Bryan about what Ken Campbell from the Hockey News thinks about the Rangers blocking shots and we've already spent plenty of time scratching our heads and wondering why all of this is being brought up now when the Rangers have played this way for 82 regular season games and 15 playoff games.

It should be noted that Brodeur was "chuckling" when he made the comment and must have been frustrated that Henrik Lundqvist only had to stop 21 pucks because the Rangers skaters blocked the other 26 shots that were fired towards the net. That being said, I've heard one too many comments about how the Devils should simply just "shoot to hurt" as a response to the Rangers shot-blocking. The Ranger players are already risking serious injury by stepping in front of shots, I sincerely doubt that "shooting to hurt" is necessary and I am very glad, for the most part, those people who suggest it aren't always being serious. Apparently Martin Brodeur was confused about other teams playing defensive hockey, he must have thought that the Devils had exclusive rights to it.

I'd be frustrated if I was Brodeur too, but one would hope Brodeur had his wits about him enough to not say something so controversial and stupid. Hopefully this Shot-blockgate (patent pending) stuff will die down as the series moves forward. The Capitals were finding some success countering the collapsing Rangers defense by being patient with the puck, exhausting the Rangers, and trying to run the offense from the blueline. I'm not sure the Devils have the same talent and firepower that Washington had on their blueline, with the exception of Marek Zidlicky who is a talented at moving the puck.

It should be interesting to see if all of this continues to be a story as the rest of the series unfolds. What are your thoughts on this gang?

By the way, is it 8:00 PM yet?