2012 NHL Playoffs: Mats Zuccarello Ready To Play; Lineup For Tomorrow Still Unknown

The New York Rangers may have some more reinforcements ready for tomorrow's do or die game against the New Jersey Devils, in Newark. Andrew Gross started today that forward, Mats Zuccarello is ready for game action, and could see some time tomorrow night.

There is no lineup set for tomorrow evening just yet though, so the options for Zuccarello to be inserted are still open. This would be huge for the Rangers as they can insert another healthy player with some fresh legs. Brandon Dubinsky returned for the New York Rangers last night, and played a huge part in the second goal.

Heading into a game like tomorrow, the Rangers will need all the energy they can get, and Zuccarello can add some of that energy. If Zuccarello was to play tomorrow, that would leave someone to be scratched. We will continue to keep you guys updated on any lineup changes that may occur throughout the day, or tomorrow morning.