2012 NHL Rumors: Looks Like Shane Doan Won't Be Coming To New York

According to Ryan Dadoun of Pro hockey Talk, Shane Doan's agent made a statement that Doan was hoping things would settle out in Phoenix so the UFA could return to the only team he has ever known (or, at least, the only organization).

"We are still hoping this thing in Phoenix is going to work out," Doan’s agent, Terry Bross said.

This probably means the New York Rangers aren't very high on Doan's list. And since we can pretty much assume that the Rangers aren't the Eastern Conference team that floated Doan the four-year, $30+-million deal, it seems even more unlikely that Doan will find himself on Broadway if he does indeed leave Phoenix.

Granted, we don't know how interested Glen Sather and the Rangers were in Doan in the first place. There were multiple reports that the two sides had discussions, and it seemed like there was some interest on both sides, but now a deal with Doan seems about as likely as Rick Nash being traded today.

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Doan and his agent apparently plan on narrowing down his list of teams by this weekend, according to the story, but it doesn't appear the Rangers are going to remain on that list.

This isn't really a big blow (or even a blow at all) to the Rangers' plans, especially since the popular sentiment is that if the Rangers did get Doan another move would have to follow to bring in even more scoring. And since talks with Doan have obviously ground to a halt of late, it's more than likely that Sather has already moved on.

Who else is in the Rangers' crosshairs, however, remains to be seen. It doesn't seem as though the Rangers -- or anyone, really -- is overly interested in Alexander Semin, and we all know that Nash and Bobby Ryan aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

But this is now a situation the Rangers can move forward from (if they haven't already) and focus on whatever it is the team is focusing on right now.