2012 NHL Rumors: What The New York Rangers' Interest In Shea Weber Means

Yesterday it was reported from numerous outlets that the New York Rangers were not only on Shea Weber's short list but they also made a significant play for him. And, if Larry Brooks can be believed, then if it were not for Weber's distaste for living in Manhattan he might have been signing with the Rangers rather than the Philadelphia Flyers.

But he wasn't fond of Manhattan, and we all know what happened next. He signed a 14-year offer sheet with the Flyers and now we're here. Originally it looked like the Nashville Predators were a lock to match the offer (they have until 11:30 p.m. Wednesday) but now it doesn't look as likely.

Weber's agent has made it public knowledge that his client doesn't want to be part of a rebuild, and he wants to move on from the Predators. The Predators have accepted this, at least to some degree, since the two sides have engaged in discussions to swap some NHL players for at least two of the four first-round picks the Flyers would be sending in compensation.

What does this have to do with the Rangers? Join me after the jump to find out more.

Thus far, this Rangers' offseason has very much been like fishing on a smooth lake. There have been hardly any ripples on the surface, and many fans who are on the boat have simply assumed that there's nothing going on. But much like the way a Duck swims, while things were calm on the surface they certianly weren't behind the scenes.

The Rangers were major players for Weber. I'll repeat that: MAJOR players for him. And yet the hockey world had no idea that Glen Sather, who is notorious for keeping his cards close to his vest, was thisclose to making a move. That's a far cry from what everyone things Sather has been doing this offseason.

Remember, patience doesn't mean that nothing is happening. Sather has been fishing for moves to make the team better, and came close to making a blockbuster move.

So before you start thinking that Sather is asleep at the wheel, remember that just because we're not hearing anything doesn't mean that nothing is going on. Who knows what Sather has on the burner?