2012 NHL Rumors: What Options Do The New York Rangers Have Now?

It finally happened, Zach Parise and Ryan Suter signed with the Minnesota Wild yesterday, officially opening up the market for every other free agent in the pool. Is it any surprise that Matt Carle signed just hours after Parise and Suter made their announcements?

Anyway, it's now opened the floodgates, and the New York Rangers -- who weren't in on either from the get-go -- can now move onto the next stage of their free agency period. They've already taken care of their bottom six, with a variety of different moves including snagging Taylor Pyatt on Tuesday.

But what will the Rangers do about their offensive issues?

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Now that Parise is off the market it will probably speed up team's interests in Rick Nash and Bobby Ryan. And, according to reports that leaked out yesterday, a few new teams are joining the mix -- including the Pittsburgh Penguins suddenly being in on Nash. The market has been remarkably expensive for both Nash and Ryan, and Glen Sather has refused to move vital assets in order to land either player.

Again, noting has really changed for the Rangers with the Parise signing, since New York was never in on the former New Jersey Devils' sniper. But if other teams are indeed driving up the price for Nash and Ryan -- and there's no reason to assume they aren't -- then it can spell trouble for the Rangers.

There are still some free agents out there who might make a difference. Alexander Semin is an option the Rangers might look into. I'm aware many of you hate the idea of Semin because he apparently "doesn't play defense," and "isn't a team player," but no matter how you cut it Semin adds an element the Rangers need -- raw offense.

Aside from Semin, Shane Doan might be an option. And if rumors can be believes, the two sides have had brief discussions -- although Doan has openly admitted he's not making a decision until after July 9th (once some more information will be revealed about the Phoenix Coyotes' ownership). Doan is an older option, but he also brings an element of offense to the Rangers that the team sorely needs.

So what do you guys think the next step should be for the Rangers? Do you think they make a move for Nash or Ryan? Or do you maybe see the team doing after Doan or Semin?

Thoughts? The floor is yours?