2012 NHL Trade Deadline: Quiet Morning But Talks Heating Up

Editor's Note: From now until 4:00 p.m. (when the last of the trades should be announced; remember that deals completed by the 3:00 p.m deadline don't get announced right away) we'll be running an open thread an hour. Not only will this keep load times down, but it will also create fresh conversation. Each thread will be updated with the various trades and rumors that have happened. Enjoy.

Here are some notes to build on from earlier:

- It has been very quiet as of yet, and there isn't expected to be any "big" deals until later this morning, and afternoon. But as of yet, do you think the Rangers have gotten back into the Rick Nash sweepstakes? As of last night they were out, but stuff can change really quickly at this time of year.

- Even if the Rangers do not land Rick Nash, there is still a strong chance that they will make at least one or two moves today. It has been noted that they are looking for another forward to add some scoring depth, as well as another defensemen.

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