2012 Stanley Cup Final: Sweep Night Open Thread

This could be it folks.

The Kings dominated New Jersey in Game 3 to go up three games to none in the Stanley Cup Final and are just one win away from raising Lord Stanley's Chalice.

There's a sense of finality hanging around this series after Monday's Game 3, but everyone always says that Game 4 is the hardest game to win so don't expect New Jersey to roll over and let LA skate all over them.

Quick reminder: DO NOT go over to In Lou We Trust tonight, just don't do it. They won't be up for dealing with any rangers fans and depending on how the game goes it'd just be best to leave them alone

With that out of the way...remember to enjoy the game folks and as always GO HOCKEY

Prediction: 2-1 Devils win (Why break tradition?)

Who scores the game winning goal tonight?

Anze Kopitar3
Dustin Brown3
Alexander Mogilny2
Jamie Langdenbrunner1
Wayne Gretzky7
Jari Kurri5