2014 Olympics: US Women Take on Team Sweden

Go make us proud girls.

There are no men's hockey games today in the Winter Games but we will get to see two very important women's games!

Today's Games

USA vs Sweden, 7:30 AM EST on NBCSN

Canada vs Switzerland, 12:00 noon EST

Tomorrow we'll have our first knockout games for men's hockey in the Winter Games and we'll be sure to have an open thread set up for you guys for that action. My big game to watch on Tuesday HAS to be the Czech Republic taking on Slovakia... do I really have to explain why? The other games are: Norway and Russia, Latvia and Switzerland, and Austria and Slovenia. Now, as for today's women's games; Team Canada has the much easier road to the finals. The American women are looking to improve on the silver medal they won in 2010 but there's no denying that Team Canada are the favorites especially after a 3-2 win over USA just five days ago. Sweden is certainly not a push over and they certainly could win today but at the very least they will likely fatigue and challenge the American women more than the Swiss team will obstruct Canada's path to the finals.

Regarding Today's USA Women's Game:

Enjoy today's big games and make sure to check in here tomorrow for our open thread for first wave of knockout games for men's hockey. Please use this as your open thread for the day and for today's games.

Let's go hockey, let's go USA!

Mike's Player to Watch: Julie Chu

The four-time Olympian is likely the most recognizable face to casual women's hockey fans because of how many commercials and TV promos she has been in during the Winter Games but she's the face of the team for a reason. Chu's resume is impressive and although she is likely not playing this game at 100% I'd expect her to be a player that stands out given her experience and how badly she wants the gold.

Question of the Day: If you're building a franchise from scratch and must take players on the roster as they are (their current age, injury history, and current contract) which New York Ranger would you take to start your club and why?