2016 NHL Free Agency Open Thread

Well today should be fun. Or horrible. Or terrifying. Or awesome!

Per the people who would know, the New York Rangers aren’t expected to be overly active today — which might not be that bad of a thing. With Steven Stamkos off the market, Taylor Hall a New Jersey Devil and Andrew Ladd reportedly interested in Long Island it really isn’t the best market to run into with a sense of panic.

The Rangers haven’t been overly active, and with their current cap situation I can’t imagine there’s much coming on the free agency front. Since Matt Martin is expected to command upwards of $4-million that’s more a good thing than a bad thing.

Use this as your open thread of the day. The window opens at Noon so get ready for all the action — or lack there of — that will follow.

We’ll obviously have any needed updated as they come.