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Rangers Vs. Red Wings: Open Game Thread

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Use this as your open game thread.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

So you're sitting at home waiting for the Rangers game to start and you're thinking to yourself: I have arms, a torso and a head. Perhaps I should treat myself to a shirt.

Then you realize all the shirts our there are bad and you want a good shirt. Well, look no more, because TODAY is YOUR lucky day!

Now I know what you're thinking: Sweet Jesus I must have them! Well good news! YOU CAN HAVE THEM! YOU CAN HAVE THEM BY CLICKING THIS LINK RIGHT HERE!!!!

*Whispering* OK I'm going to level with you. Behind the scenes Mike is a tyrant on a level I can't accurately depict for you here. He stomps his feet around, yells, drinks and open-palm slaps me often. The other day he put on a Burger King crown with the words "site God" written in crayon and broke three of my manbearpig glass figurines. It was awful.

If you don't buy these shirts he's going to go crazy. Even crazier than everything I just described to you. I am scared, we're all scared. Beth is spared his rage on most nights but the other day he threw Kevin out of a window. Thankfully blogger blog from the basement so Kevin wasn't injured. Just ... buy the shirts. As many as you can. If you want to buy a thousand you should do it because it's worth it to protect me.



So uh, about that game against the Red Wings tonight? Use this as your open game thread ...