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Henrik Lundqvist shares his first ever mask

He painted it himself quite a few times.

A couple of nights ago, the Henrik Lundqvist Foundation held its Unmasked event. While obviously for charity, there was still a lot of Lundqvist-related things going on.

One of those things? Displays of some of the masks he’s worn in the past. We know he’s worn a lot over his years with the New York Rangers; how about with Frolunda?

Some of @hank30nyr's masks on display tonight. All original designs by David Gunnarsson. #HLF

A photo posted by Henrik Lundqvist Foundation (@hlundqvistfoundation) on

Even better than that, though: his first mask, in all its glory. Much simpler than what we see from him today, and much more green.

Of course Lundqvist was still years away from playing for the Rangers when he got this one, so it makes sense how striking the difference would be.

But what’s really cool about this one? We know how much Lundqvist works with Dave Gunnarsson to create his masks, and how beautiful and detail-filled they often are. But I think that gets a little more meaningful when you learn that Lundqvist used to do his own mask art, not to mention creating the rest of his goalie gear.

Humble beginnings - and it’s great to have a firsthand look of them.