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Bantering the Blueshirts Tonight at 8: Featuring Beth Machlan!

You like podcats? ...I mean podcasts? Well, we might have podcats too. Not sure about that. Come listen and find out!

Bantering The Blueshirts is on tonight at 8pm because, ya know, there is Rangers' playoff hockey tomorrow night and we want to watch that too. You can listen in live at the link below and, if you are feeling like a social butterfly that wishes to express your thoughts by hammering the keys on your keyboard in our chatroom, you can also do that.

Tonight Joe, Mike, and SPECIAL GUEST BETH MACHLAN will talk about how the Rangers' series against the Penguins has gone thus far, Ryan McDonagh, Dylan McIlrath, those guys from the Pittsburgh, marsupials, donuts, the French Revolution, erotic tadpole art, the world's greatest Ravenclaws, the invention of the steam engine, the fertile crescent, mimes, and some other stuff.

Tell your friends about the podcast, tell your enemies! Also, find us on iTunes and leave a comment and give us a rating and all of that good stuff. It really helps us out.

Oh, and here is a gallery of hauntingly beautiful Chris Kreider photographs. Enjoy.

Enjoy the show tonight, guys. Lot's of stuff to talk about!

Let's go Rangers!